Sir Edgar's Fellowship of Professional DJ's...

The Round Table 

- Elite Musical Warriors -

Although Sir Edgar would love to personally perform for each and every event that comes his way, alas it is not possible which is why he has taken as much time as was required to form "The Round Table" of DJ's.

Sir Edgar has personally hand-selected several DJs whom not only can read a crowd properly and carry themselves professionally, but also know the intricacies of setting up high-end audio and lighting systems.  You would be suprised at how many DJs do not actually know how to setup professional grade equipment.  In addition, although each DJ has their own personal strengths that they bring to the table, their combined strengths not only makes the team stronger, but also encourages everyone to continually progress; to become better DJ's.

  These are DJ's whom Sir Edgar has personally worked with, many times double-teaming at an event, watched, and eventually invited to be his "brother-in-arms" in order to preserve the quality of service that he does his best to provide each weekend for his clients.  

Once the team is fully booked, unlike other competing DJ services, he will not try to bring in an outside DJ last minute just so he may book the business to make a quick pence.  He will simply pass on the opportunity because it is simply not worth risking the integrity of his business which he has taken much time and effort to build. 

Here at the "Round Table" all egos are checked in at the door.  Although Sir Edgar maybe the front-man, he is only as strong as the brother next to him.  They fight the dance-floor battlefields as equals to ensure they will be offering the best DJ service in the area and will be able to musically captivate souls again on the next red morning sky.

The Round Table Roster

Sir Edgar 

DJ Kue


John-V aka “Rocky”


John-P aka “JP"






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