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*** Please enjoy the following collective remixes covering most genres.  Depending on the time and/or type of crowd he is performing for, he can easily weave a mix of these different genres within his dj set.  With Sir Edgar in the mix, there isn't a beat he and his team can't cover!!!  ***

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BONUS 1 - 2019 - sir edgar's "BLUEPRINT live demo mix

A long overdue follow-up to the 2010 live mix linked below…  



BONUS 2 - 2021 - sir edgar's "Memories of Chicago" demo mix

For all the real "house" music heads out there, Sir Edgar thinks you'll especially enjoy this one as he taps into the fun memories of all the great nights spent dancing the night away at many of Chicago's gone but not forgotten nightclubs.  No top 40 here.  Just simple 4/4 chunky goodness for the soul...


BONUS 3 - 2021 - sir edgar's "Mas Ritmo" demo mix

Most people don't know or realize that Sir Edgar is a mix of Asian & Latin nationalities.  

Having once been a very avid dancer, Sir Edgar enjoys listening & dancing to Spanish/Latin music to help nourish his soul.  As a result, it is also not a problem for him to mix popular salsa, merengue, and cumbia favorites as well as traditional ballroom dance classics such as cha-cha's, tangos, & boogie which are very popular with the Filipino, Vietnamese, & Japanese elders.  However if your event is more Mexican influenced, then popular banda, bachata, & rancheras are also not a problem!  

For this particular mix, Sir Edgar demonstrates the type of "Latin Soul" that can easily be injected into any of his DJ sets when he needs to...


BONUS 4 - 2021 - sir edgar's "Hand Sanitizer Rmx" demo mix

This is an older and quick mini-mix from Sir Edgar that he would sometimes put on so he could take a quick restroom break when DJing at the clubs!  Yes, sometimes DJs need to relieve themselves mid-set.  If you're into the older hip-hop,  you might enjoy this one... :)


BONUS 5 - 2021 - sir edgar's "Ain't No Stoppin Us" demo mix

Before Sir Edgar ever laid his hands on a turntable, he and his cousins spent quite a bit of time breakdancing and battling back in the day.  This mix is a short tribute to all of the great memories of him and his family members "cutting it up" on large cardboard boxes in the basement and the battles at all of the local school dances… :)


Promo Mix 1 - LIVE DEMO CLUB MIX 2019

Promo Mix 2 - LIVE DEMO CLUB MIX 2010 

Promo Mix 3 - Music for the Masses - "Pop Wizardry"

Promo Mix 4 - Electro / Latin / House Music - "March Maddness"

Promo Mix 5 - "Member's Only" 80's & 90's 

Promo Mix 6 - 70's Slow Jams

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