Gruv - The Umbrella Booking Agency 

DJ Sir Edgar BW
909 refinished
DJ John-V

"Gruv" is an umbrella booking agency that was created primarily for the convenience of our clients.  Since there are many types of vendors & services that can potentially be hired for an event, in addition to the DJ's who may have multiple DJ aliases or branding depending on the market they are catering to, we found that clients were easily overtaken by the amount of paper work and multiples channels of communication when dealing with multiple vendors for the same event.  As a result, an "umbrella" was formed where multiple services could be hired under 1 simple contract. 

Our clients want simplicity without sacrificing quality and most importantly, time.  By having a single "umbrella" entity, clients can easily take care of several services without having to sign/fulfill a separate contract for each service.  

For example, imagine if you had to fill out a separate contract for each of the following services for a single event:

- Audio/PA equipment rental 

- Personnel for Audio/PA setup + strike

- Sound Engineer for PA control + monitoring

- DJ

- Lighting equipment rental

- Personnel for Lighting equipment setup + strike

- Light Engineer for DMX lighting control + monitoring

- Electrical Management Engineer or Tech Personnel

- Photo Booth rental 

- Personnel for Photo Booth setup + strike

- Day-of Event Coordinator

- etc.

Who has the time to communicate with 8+ different people, sign 8+ different contracts, and pay 8+ different people for a single event?  Why would you when you do not need to?  Keep in mind that this does not even include your Food & Beverage needs, the Venue itself, Photographers, Videographers, Floral, etc.!  

Furthermore, for DJ's who have different aliases, many will have a different name that is strictly for the club/nightlife circuit, will use a different alias as a song and/or beat producer, have a different alias catered specifically to the corporate & wedding event markets, and may differentiate themselves as a "house" music or "EDM" DJ under one alias while using another DJ alias as an open format or hip-hop DJ.  

For DJ's who run under multiple names, does it make sense to have a different contract for each alias the person uses?  Of course not.  However, it is important that the DJ is using an appropriate name/branding that is suited for the type of event he or she is doing.  By using Gruv as their umbrella, DJ's will not have to worry about their club alias as "DJ Fast Fingers" linking them to a retirement party or a country line dance fundraiser event.  

In this case, the old adage "work smarter, not harder" rings true.  As a result, Sir Edgar or the DJ team member being hired can simply take the lead on your event, manage & take care of everything else behind the scenes related to the audio + lighting design, yet keep everything down to a single contract and single accounts receivable via the Gruv umbrella.  It's a win-win for everyone, especially for the end client.  

Have an upcoming event or special occasion being planned later down the road?  Feel free to reach out to us on our "Contact" page and we would be happy to assist you fulfill your dream event!